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The contractor who installs your roofing plays a key role in its performance and longevity. Reputable, skilled roofers stand behind each installation job with a workmanship warranty. The length of this type of warranty can vary a lot depending on the contractor, but some offer lifetime coverage. While a longer coverage period is better, a good workmanship warranty should protect you against material failures that occur because of worker errors or improper installation techniques regardless of the coverage term.

Contractor workmanship warranties typically cover the cost of labor and any materials needed to make necessary repairs, and many also cover any related damages done to the home’s interior, as well as your furnishings and personal effects.

Contractor warranties typically exclude issues that aren’t related to their installation workmanship, such as:

Storm, high wind, and impact damage
Water damage due to ice dams
Damages if the roof was altered after installation
Harm caused by foot traffic
Leaks triggered by falling tree limbs or wind-driven debris
Factors such as a contractor’s length of time in business, their track record of doing quality work, and commitment to customer satisfaction should trump any warranty they claim to offer, so be sure to vet anyone you’re considering hiring thoroughly.

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